Plan-To-Publish Self Study


Module 1 will be looking at your ‘WHY’. This means mapping out what the book actually looks like in real terms for your business and your profile. We’ll look at where you currently are, where you want to be and how the book will get you there. 

What does that mean?: That you've got a really clear vision of where the next couple of years are taking you and how the book will help deliver that.

Where you'll be at the end of it: Inspired by where this could take you and confident that you know what you need to write to get you there.

Top Tip: How you can leverage content you've already got that people pay you for, without giving away the farm.  

Module 2 takes you on a deeper dive into your WHAT and your WHO.

What does that mean? I’ll be showing you how to research who exactly your ideal reader is and how you can get to know everything about them, so you can make sure you’re writing the book that they NEED to buy to solve their problem. 

Where you'll be at the end of it: Inside the head of your ideal reader so you know how to take them from your book into working with you more.

Top Tip: How to create the 'gap' that turns your ideal reader into your ideal client


Module 3 is when we start to unpack your ‘intellectual property’ which is a fancy way of saying brain dumping everything you know about your subject so that we can start to build the broad outline of your book. 

What does that mean?: You'll learn how to tackle the material without getting overwhelmed and start to see how it will build a satisfying reading experience (and make it easy to write)

Where you'll be at the end of it: You will be able to see the shape that your book is taking and know the topics it is covering.

Top Tip: What content have you already got you can use?  

Module 4 gets down to brass tacks as we will take your outline and start to break it down into chapters and then each chapter into sections.  

What does that mean?: I will be giving you some tools & tips to make this super easy and achievable because this is your key to success. This will be a massive help in preventing you getting derailed, frustrated, stuck and giving up during the writing process.

Where you'll be at the end of it: You will have a full chapter breakdown and a writing schedule to follow step-by-step when you're ready to start writing.

Top Top: Learn how to structure individual chapters to give yourself a framework to write to.


  • Each Module will be taught through video/audio lessons, with accompanying workbooks 
  • Shortly after signing up you will be sent a link to the material. It is my intellectual property, so please do not share it with anyone. That is really shady and a bit of a dick move. 
  • If you have any questions then please come and share them in my Plan, Publish & Promote FB group. I can't wait to hear how you get on!
  • If you would like some 1:1 help the please email me at to upgrade to VIP level

"When I first signed up with Jessica I had the vague idea for a book but I knew it was something I wanted to do. I also knew if I didn't sign up with Jessica I would not do it. As a coach I know the power of accountability and deadlines which was one of the reasons I signed up. The main reason though was that Jessica knows all there is to know about publishing and books. She jokingly refers to herself as the book witch; well, she isn't a witch but she IS a guru on all things publishing.  

The sessions were really constructive and Jessica gave me lots of support (especially through the slightly painful rewrite process!). I am about to send my book to the publisher and I am so proud of what I have achieved. I would not have done this without Jessica to keep me on track and give me lots of tough love.  

Thank you so much Jessica, you have helped me fulfil one of my childhood dreams!" Ruth Kudzi, Business & Success Coach, Speaker & Author.  

"Jessica Killingley is like a drug... super high buzz, but plan a bit of time for your brain to crash after. The great news is that you stay addicted long enough to have those super highs that TOTALLY get you to your end goals. Jessica is my drug of choice- said the busy working and book-writing mom" Paige Killian, Organisation & Style Coach and Author  

"Writing is a lonely business. Having someone on your side makes all the difference and the right person on your side, invaluable. Jessica has given me incredible support and confidence in my concept and plan for my first non-fiction book as well as providing thoughtful challenge where needed. I am very grateful to have her in my corner!" Esther Wane, Actor, Author & Coach  

Those are some of my fantastic clients who now get call themselves an AUTHOR because they worked with me.  

Would you like to JOIN THEM? Then it's time to JOIN UP!

So HEY. I just want to say THANK YOU. For lots of stuff. For believing in yourself, that even though you might not know exactly *how* yet. For being ready to find out how you can make this book thing really happen. For wanting to work out how it's going to do amazing things for your business and profile. And for trusting me to take you on the journey to calling you an AUTHOR. 

And I promise you, I would love nothing more than to support you in your journey to making your non-fiction book dream a reality, so yeah a big THANK YOU also for coming to this page to consider joining PLAN-TO-PUBLISH.