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The Rockstar Writers Academy is a subscription-based membership that will teach you everything you need to know to write and publish your bestselling non-fiction book. 

Hey you,

Writing a book is something that’s been on your list for a while, right? The idea has been floating around but it’s always been a kind of ‘someday project’. Or maybe you’ve even actually got as far as starting one but… well, let’s just say you started it and leave it there (because we both know that you’re never going to finish it). But the calling to write a book is strong. You have a story to tell. And you know that when it’s in the hands of the right people it has the potential to make a massive impact. Because that’s what books do. They change people’s lives. You will change someone’s life with your book. But only if you get it written and published. Because the book that changes your life the most? It’s the one that you write. And I know that you have it in you. That desire to make an impact, to help people. To take what you’ve learned, what you’ve been through, what you know and use it to make a change. A change for them, and a change for you. Not everyone will do it. Millions of people say they want to write a book, but most never will. But not you. You’ve landed here. You are going to do it. You are going to add ‘Author’ to your bio. And that’s what makes you a Rockstar Writer. You ready to go?  

And it’s not just your readers that are going to benefit. Writing a book is one of the smartest moves you can make in your business. Think of it as a Platinum Business Card that opens doors and starts conversations that will rocket launch your business to the next level. A book sends the message that you are the expert. The go-to authority in your field. It plants your flag in the ground and sets you head-and-shoulders above the pack in a competitive niche. A book will bring new eyes onto your business, generating high quality leads of people who want to know more about what you do and how they can work with you. Want to sell out a group programme, a membership, a mastermind, high-end 1:1 work? A book turns readers into clients and delivers them to your front door. Want to be speaking on stages? Invited onto the best podcasts? Written about in all the places your dream clients read? Your book is the calling card that will get you there. You could chip away at selling a course or pitching yourself for events in 100 different directions, or you could let the book do the heavy lifting for you. A book is not just an asset. It’s a strategy.  

‘When I first started working with Jessica, I had a vague idea for a book, but I knew it was something I wanted to do to grow my business and my profile. I also knew that if I didn't sign up to work with Jessica I would not do it! As a coach I know about the power of accountability and deadlines which was one of the reasons that I decided to get support. The main reason though, is that Jessica knows all there is to know about publishing and books. She jokingly refers to herself as the BookWitch - well, I don’t know if she is a witch, but she IS the guru on all things publishing.  

Together we worked out what the book needed to be to represent my work with clients. Having her guidance on how to structure it along with her expert eye throughout the process was invaluable. 

She helped me get an Amazon No1. Bestseller on 3 lists (Careers, Coaching & &entoring and Management Skills) and I was the 170th bestselling book on ALL kindle titles on Amazon UK on publication day. A pretty good achievement for a debut book!  

Throughout working with her she has been supportive, funny and a good friend. She can sense when you are having writer’s block or perfectionist issues. Jessica is straight talking and sweary, but the big thing is that she is so bloody clever and knowledgable you don’t want to let her down which makes you work really hard.  

Writing a book has transformed my business. I am now a bestselling author, been shortlisted for the Business Book Awards and have been booked to speak nationally and internationally. Thank you again Jessica, I seriously can’t recommend you enough!'

Ruth Kudzi - Business Coach, Mindset Mentor & Best-Selling Author

But what if you’re thinking ‘oh my god what is all this marketing speak? Is she going to start talking about funnels in a minute?’ because you don’t have a business. Or rather you don’t have a business that relates to what you want to write a book about. Maybe you want to tell the story of you. Because you’ve been through something and learned something and you just want it out there so it can help, even just one person. I totally get it. And also, I salute you, because maybe what you’ve been through was really tough and you want to put that experience to good use. So here’s the thing that I always say: A book about YOU, has to be a book about ME So let me show you how you can tell your story in a way that connects with your reader so they can actually take some tangible learnings from it that they can apply to their own situation. And then let me show you, how writing the book isn’t the end of that journey. Because what comes next? What happens when someone reads your story and says ‘Thank you. And more please’. That they have read your book and been so inspired and motivated and now they are looking to you, as if to say ‘how can I carry on getting your help and support?’ Because if you are sharing your story, you’re not just writing a book, you’re creating a community. So let’s actually create you a community. Let’s take the calling that has driven you to write and really amplify that impact. Because your book is not just a memoir, it’s got the potential to be a movement.  

'When it comes to books, Jessica is the go-to person! 

As well as insider knowledge of the industry, Jessica has a great passion for authors and their books and works to get the very best from them. She doesn’t just look at the words of a book, but why you are writing it, who will want to read it and how it can help your business and career.  

If you want to write a book, a really good book - you need Jessica in your life.'

Natalie Trice - PR Consultant & Author

So far so good. But I know that you might be thinking ‘all this sounds great, but I just have NO CLUE how to get started’. Well being here is a good start. Writing a book isn’t just about writing a book. It’s about writing the RIGHT book, and that takes planning. Keeping you on track means having the right framework so that you know what you’re writing and when, so you don’t just dive in, write 3,000 words and then throw your laptop out of the coffee shop window. And then when you’ve actually written it (first draft, going to be rubbish, don’t worry) how do you make it good. And then how do you work out how to publish it and put it on sale (without any massive spelling mistakes in it). And THEN how on earth do you work out who is going to buy it and where you find them and how you tell them about it. It’s enough to make you pull the duvet over your head. I get it. If only you had your very own #BookWitch to break it down for you, step by step and teach you exactly what you need to do and when. 

Welcome to the Rockstar Writers Academy… The Rockstar Writers Academy is a subscription-based membership community. Wait, stop. What does that actually mean?! OK. Let’s break it down. 

  • When you join the Academy you get monthly teaching on how to write and publish a book. 

The teaching is delivered over a 12 month period, with new modules released once a month that support you step by step through the process. So if you follow along as we go, you will be a published author this time next year.  

  • You pay a monthly fee to access the teaching, and can leave at any time.

But if you leave before the 12 months are up, then you won’t have access to the teaching modules you missed. If it takes you longer than 12 months to write and publish then you just stay enrolled in the Academy for as long as you need!  

  • Why does it take 12 months? 

I’ve seen some stuff online that tells you that you can write a book in 30 days.

Well, sure. You could write something in 30 days, but trust me, it will be AWFUL. Also that means you’d pretty much not do anything else in those 30 days but write. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a business to run and biscuits to eat and stuff to do, so nobody has the luxury of just doing THAT.

  • And, if you need another reason why writing a book in 30 days is a terrible idea (seriously, I could give you about 50) you need a decent amount of time to set up a successful launch. 

So. We are going to take our time. I’m going to break down what we will cover over the year in a minute just below

'I had an idea for a book two years ago. I sat down and started writing it. Then got stuck. Then I had an idea to start a business based on the idea of the book. 

I started the business. Then got stuck.  

Then suddenly a Facebook post caught my eye. Jessica was explaining how a book can be an integral part of your business planning and marketing. It felt like she knew exactly where I was and what I needed to do next.  

Jessica does not just help you write a book, she challenges your thinking on why you are in business, who you are (or want to be) and how you can align your mindset to your goals. 

She has a brilliant business brain and she had given me the confidence and kick to launch some stuff that I would never have dared to do.  

Jessica has an impressive knowledge and experience of the industry and will help you realise your dream business, along with the book you’ve already got inside you.

When writing a book you will… be challenged, feel frustrated, get a magic moment, feel lost, hate the book, love the book, give up on the book, write for three days solid without sleep, cry, eat a lot of biscuits, drink a lot of coffee, get some people growling at the audacity of ‘yourself’ to think you can write a book, get some people saying they like the idea of your book, think ‘shit this might actually happen, hold a book in your hand and think ‘shit, this happened!’  

Jessica is with you throughout all of this. She says she is the #BookWitch but really she is a #BookAngel (but sweary).'

Eleanor Tweddell - Redundancy Coach & Founder of Another Door

One of the biggest reasons that people give me as to why they haven’t written a book yet is that they don’t have the time. I know that’s a complete bollocks excuse but I still nod and smile. When you tell me you don’t have the time, what you’re actually telling me is the following:  

'I haven’t processed just what a massive benefit writing a book is going to be for me, so I haven’t prioritised it over all the other business stuff I think I should be doing'

I’m absolutely terrified that the book will be awful and everyone will think I’m an idiot and all my teachers at school will go onto Amazon and leave reviews that say ‘we always knew you’d never be able to string a sentence together’

I haven’t got the first clue how to get the idea in my head out onto paper in a coherent form and I DEFINITELY haven’t got a clue on how to get people to actually buy it.

And so this is why I created the Rockstar Writers Academy because we are going to kick all those nagging voices (along with that bollocks excuse about time, remember that?) out on their ass. Writing a book over 12 months means you can break it down and easily fit it into whatever else you’ve got on. We take it step-by-step so that you can end up with a book that you are exceptionally proud of. After all, it’s going to have your name on the cover, so it’s got to be good. And it will be. So what goes down inside the Rockstar Writers AcademyHere comes the science bit.  

The curriculum is delivered over 12 months through a series of online videos and workbooks, supported with a Private Facebook Group and monthly live hot seat calls with me. 

This is what we will be covering:


This is where we work out what the RIGHT book is to write. Whether you have a business that this book is connected to or not, you still need to get clear about what the outcomes are for this book. 

Why are you writing it and what do you want to happen when it’s done?

This is where you nail exactly what you are writing so that you can move forward with total confidence.


This is where you work out what the heck is actually going to be IN your book. 

We start to untangle all that brain spaghetti so that you know what you want to write about (and what you’re leaving out for the next book. 

Oh yes, there will be a next book). 


Starting to wonder when you’re actually going to start writing? Trust me, the more time you take with the planning, the easier the writing will go. 

In this module you’ll take all the brain dump from your outline and turn it into a really detailed roadmap of what is going in where. You’ll learn how to structure not just the whole book but each chapter, to make sure you’re creating the best reading experience possible.


And you’re off! The modules delivered over this three month period will cover all the teaching and support to get you through the writing of your first draft. In this 12 week period, you’ll get between 30-40K words written, which is around 3,000 words a week. Doesn’t sound as bad as you thought, right? And know what else makes it super achievable? All that freaking planning you did in the first 3 modules because it means when you sit down for a writing session you know exactly what you need to be writing about. See? I’m not an idiot. 


At this point we all have a major celebration because you’ve actually gone and written a bloody book!


Now you need to get it polished up and in this module you’ll learn how to edit your own work so that you can take it through a couple more drafts to get it really good. 

We will look at things like getting beta reads so you can get feedback on what you’ve written and where to bring in case studies.


In this module we will look at your options for how you are going to get your book physically produced and explore self-publishing and hybrid models. 

No clue what that means? Don’t worry, it’s all covered. We will look at the technical side of publishing - how to get your cover done, how to get it proof read, how it’s actually going to be put on sale. We’ll get behind the numbers so you know what you need to spend money on and what you don’t. 


If you want people to buy your book, then they actually need to know it exists right?

Part of that comes down to marketing and part of that comes down to publicity. Your PR strategy is the thing that’s going to get you in all the right places so you’re ideal readers know that your book is coming and this module walks you through exactly how to do that.


This is the part that a lot of people freak out about because it seems like such a dark art. So I’m here to tell you that it’s not remotely like that and you don’t need to be banging your head against your laptop. 

This module breaks down how to make sure you’ve got an audience ready and waiting to buy your book, with some extra #BookWitch magic thrown in (so ok, there’s a bit of dark arts involved)


What actually happens when you launch a book? Do you just put it up for sale on amazon, cross your fingers and wait for the sales to roll in? No. 

This module will teach you the strategies behind a successful launch from the boring details like making sure your metadata on amazon is HOT to the fun stuff like how to throw a launch party.


So you might think that once you hit publication day you’ve reached the end of your journey and you can have a sit down. I’m afraid to tell you that you’ve only just begun. 

Now that the book is out in the world, here comes the REAL hard work. You want to capitalise on the work you’ve done up until now and so this final teaching module will give you strategies to not only keep the book selling but show you how you can put it to work so that it’s consistently delivering back into your business.

And boy, when that module is done, are we going to have a party!

And I really can’t wait to celebrate with you by putting your book up on the virtual ‘shelf of glory’ that we’ll have in the private facebook group to mark the incredible publishing achievements of all the members of the Academy.

The Facebook group will also be the central hub for all the community activity. 

It’s where you will get:  

  • Monthly group Hot Seat coaching calls
  • Accountability support to keep you on track with your progress
  • Regular Q&& threads
  • Catch Up Clinics
  • Guest Experts
  • And much much more!  

You might be starting to wonder who the heck I am, if we’ve not already met. 

Whilst some people call me #BookWitch, my name is Jessica Killingley and I am a Publishing Consultant and a Literary Agent. I have spent over 20 years working in the publishing industry where I was a Marketing Director, and during which time I have sold millions of books, created thousands of bestsellers and worked with hundreds of authors - from first time nervous newbies, right up to household names like John Grisham and Stephen King.  

Now I help entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, mentors and practitioners of all kinds become absolute Rockstars in their field by writing and publishing bestselling books that are absolute game-changers. For them, and for those that read them.

I wanted to take everything I’ve learned in over two decades about books, publishing, marketing &&&&, business strategy, coaching and being a general all-round ninja and demystify the process of getting a book out into the world. It can feel like a huge mountain to climb, but I’m here to show you the easier path to the top. It’s not magic - well, maybe just a little bit of #BookWitch magic. So me and my friend here are going to be your guides and tutors in this Rockstar Writers Academy and nobody is going to be prouder of you than me when you get to hold your book in your hands. My big passion is the ripple effect that’s created when we help people. If I can help you get your game-changing book out into the world where it’s going to help people have better lives and be the best version of themselves through whatever it is that they need and you can help them with - then I get to go to bed happy.  

'Jessica first jumped out at me because she was a real person. She swears, is always holding a mug, does lives from her car, let's us see her everyday life - including gym hair. 

She cares deeply about what she does, which is obvious within a few minutes and she is about the tiny details as well as the bigger picture. So for me it was an instant connection. 

Don't think that working with Jessica is just about writing a book. It is - but it's a lot more than that. She managed to take my mess of a company structure and turn it on its head. I came away from it with a 5 and 10 year plan, a new vision and a real feeling of what was possible. She will call you on your BS and she will tell you when your plan sucks but she is also extremely kind and very generous with her expertise. 

She also sends random packets of biscuits. It's a bit like having a caffeine fuelled, writing ninja in your corner cheering you on. I must admit - I like it.  

Pamela Spence, Herbalist & Writer

So are you ready to ROCK? Come join the Rockstar Writers Academy and let’s make your words count.  

So where do you sign?

There are two ways of joining the Academy. 

You can pay a monthly subscription of £97 a month, and as a Founder Member of the Academy that price is locked in for life. You can leave at any time if you are paying monthly, or you can stay as long as you like. Every month that you are in the Academy you pay £97 which gives you access to the teaching modules and the Facebook group. If you decide to leave before the 12 months are up, you will miss out on the modules that have yet to be released.  


You can join for 12 months at a time and SAVE TWO MONTHS of tuition fees! So you get 10 months for the price of 12 with a one-off payment of £970. That’s a saving of £196! That commits you to the full teaching curriculum that is released over 12 months. At the end of the 12 month period if you want to stay and get more book goodness you can either renew for another year, or switch to pay monthly.  

What Happens Next?

Once you sign up and join the Academy you will be sent a log in for your personal classroom at 

You will also be sent a link to join the private Facebook group. 

The first module will arrive on the 1st June, with each module coming on the 1st of the month until module 12 is delivered on the 1st May 2020.