The Rockstar Writers Academy is probably the greatest writing community IN THE WORLD (true story). It going to give you all the tools and help you need to write and publish your game-changing non-fiction book. 

Why is that important? 

Because it's THE most powerful way to:

  •  Attract new clients
  •  Increase your revenue
  • Get clarity over your business model
  • Develop a signature coaching methodology
  • Be invited to speak on stages and podcasts
  • Get in the media
  • Sell out your offerings

And what does all that do:

  • Change the lives of your readers & clients
  • Create more impact and influence
  • Drive revenue back into your business
  • Share your knowledge with the world & create a legacy  

 "I knew I wanted to write a great book, but thought it would be a 'later' thing and that my business would need to be very successful before a book would be possible. Turns out, writing the book IS the thing that gets you clear on how your business is going to really help people (and what you need to focus on, learn and do to achieve that). The structure of the Academy breaks it down so it's completely do-able, and Jessica is VERY inspiring when it comes to all the things to do with writing a kick-ass book."  

Caroline Rae, Personal Performance & Leadership Coach and Author

Turning your knowledge, expertise and passion into a book is going to be a platinum business card for you to attract some amazing things into your business - better quality leads, dream clients, high-profile speaking engagements and PR.  

But above all else, it's about making an impact. It's about reaching and helping even more people, and sharing incredible transformations with the widest audience possible.  

I created the Rockstar Writers Academy to walk people through the process of writing and publishing a game-changing book that turns readers into clients. Because after 20 years of a career in publishing and working with all kinds of authors - from newbies to household names - I know just how powerful writing a book can be. Books change lives. And the one that YOU write will change your life the most. And when you do, you'll be a total Rockstar! ⚡️👊🏼📙😎  

By joining the waitlist you will be the first to know when doors to the Academy open and be in line to receive special bonuses!

 "I thought this is going to be hard, it’s not the right time, and I’m not ready. I think this process will probably save me years of procrastinating and faffing! It’s helped me get laser focussed on what I really want my business to achieve so it’s so much more than writing and planning a book! And also, what an amazing group! 😍"  

Ruth Gilbey, Marketing Coach & Author

Want to know more about what being a Rockstar Writer actually involves? Watch this video to learn more about the Academy and how it will walk you step-by-step through planning, writing and publishing a game-changing book with easy to follow lessons in a supportive and fun community. 

And it’s not just your readers that are going to benefit. Writing a book is one of the smartest moves you can make in your business. Think of it as a Platinum Business Card that opens doors and starts conversations that will rocket launch your business to the next level.  

A book sends the message that you are the expert. The go-to authority in your field. It plants your flag in the ground and sets yo u head-and-shoulders above the pack in a competitive niche.  

A book will bring new eyes onto your business, generating high quality leads of people who want to know more about what you do and how they can work with you. Want to sell out a group programme, a membership, a mastermind, high-end 1:1 work? A book turns readers into clients and delivers them to your front door.  

Want to be speaking on stages? Invited onto the best podcasts? Written about in all the places your dream clients read? Your book is the calling card that will get you there.  

You could chip away at selling a course or pitching yourself for events in 100 different directions, or you could let the book do the heavy lifting for you.  

A book is not just an asset. It’s a strategy.  

So let's get you an unbeatable one. Together. 

"I knew I was pivoting in my business but wasn’t 100% clear on exactly what that would look like. Module 1 brought clarity & now in the 1st draft it’s starting to flow. It’s been liberating also to have encouragement to let it be as crap as it needs to be. I also couldn’t have imagined what a fun & supportive group a book academy could be! Result! ❤️ Basically, joining the Academy was an excellent choice.👌"  

Dr Kathrine McAleese, Coach, Therapist, Podcaster & Author